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Do I Qualify for a Federal Sentence reduction based on the new Sentencing Guidelines?


The most recent sentencing amendment is to take effect after November 1, 2023. It has been deemed Retroactive. It will apply to many incarcerated people with Zero Criminal History Points. It will reduce a person’s Total Offense Level by two additional points if they qualify. This is intended to benefit most, first-time, low-level offenders.

What does “Retroactive” mean to my case?

If you have been sentenced prior to the adoption of the amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and those changes apply to you, you may be eligible to have your sentence reduced or modified to take advantage of the new Sentencing Guidelines Reductions

Many people that are currently in federal prison could get their sentences reduced by an average of 14 months. If you believe that you or your loved one qualifies, Call Me. I can file your petition quickly! (210) 225-4006

Do you qualify?

1. Are you sentenced under the previous guideline provisions?

2. Are you excluded under Amendment 821?

3. Do you have Zero Criminal history points?


1. Were you given extra points for committing the Federal crime while under a “criminal justice sentence” (eg. Probation, parole etc.)

If you answered yes to these questions, call my office to see if you qualify.

(210) 225-4006

The Bad News:

The Commission has determined that if you qualify for the reductions, an order to reduce your sentence cannot be entered until February 1, 2024. Call now to get your petition processed quickly.

If you think you may qualify for a sentence reduction under Amendment 821, Call our office (210) 225-4006 or email us at

Bring us a copy of your PSR.

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