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Federal Crimes

Attorney Albert A. Flores has accumulated a vast knowledge of the Federal Criminal Judicial System over 20 years of practice.  He has worked with many Federal judges, Assistant United States attorneys, FBI agents, United States Customs agents, DEA agents, United States Border Patrol agents, Secret Service agents, federal probation officers and United States Marshals. He is familiar with their usual methods and investigative techniques.

It is this experience and knowledge which can serve a client well when it comes time to evaluate the viability of a case or to prepare one for trial.

Over the years Mr. Flores has gained experience in Federal Conspiracy charges, Federal Capital Crimes, Federal Trials, Federal Appeals, Federal Revocation hearings, Federal Investigations as well as Federal Top Secret Clearance issues.

He has traveled all over the country including Washington D.C. to advocate for his clients.

There are few areas in Federal Criminal Law, where the office has not accumulated the knowledge necessary to assist you with your case.  If you or a loved one are being investigated by a federal agency or have been charged or are about to be charged with a crime in any federal court, call the attorney with the experience to properly handle your matter. Early contact with your lawyer is often the key to a successful defense.  Many times it increases the likelihood of your release.

Albert A. Flores, JD

Albert A. Flores is a native of San Antonio, Texas. He grew up in the familiar surroundings of South Texas with frequent excursions to Laredo, Del Rio, the Rio Grande Valley, Dallas and Houston, where he now handles federal cases. He often traveled throughout the interior of Mexico, becoming familiar with its rich language, culture and history. He is fluent in Spanish.

His interest in law and government began when he served as a Congressional Page for the Honorable Henry B. Gonzales, a well-known congressman and activist in Washington, DC. He started his undergraduate education at Brown University in Rhode Island and completed his degree at Texas A&M University at College Station. He then attended Law School at the University of Texas School of Law. While in law school, he was employed at the Defense Contractor Audit Agency and completed an internship in employment law at the Texas State Teachers Association.

Immediately following law school, he spent a brief stint with a civil law firm. He has since practiced criminal defense as a member of a large firm, a partner and currently as a solo practitioner, with the majority of his caseload being criminal work. He worked for several years as a Bexar County Magistrate Judge.  He is an active member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Attorney Flores is presently practicing with his principal office in San Antonio, TX and handling cases in all federal jurisdictions in the State of Texas and throughout the United States.

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Our Practice

State Crimes

Attorney Albert A. Flores has also accumulated a wealth of knowledge in his criminal practice in State Court.  He is licensed to practice in any court throughout the State of Texas.  He has successfully handled multiple Trials, Appeals, Writs, Motions to Revoke Probation, Parole hearings, Bond hearings, Expunctions and Nondisclosures for his clients.  His vast knowledge of the Criminal System can help you in dealing with whatever charges you may be facing.

Attorney Albert Flores can assist you with all Felonies and Misdemeanors throughout the State of Texas including:
  • Sexual Assault

  • Sexual Assault of a Child

  • Indecency with a Minor

  • Trafficking

  • Injury to a Child

  • Bribery

  • All Drug Crimes Charges

  • Continuous Sexual Assault

  • Deadly Conduct

  • Kidnapping

  • Appeals

  • Motions for New Trial

  • Shock Probation

  • Habeas Corpus

  • Motion to Suppress

  • Expunctions/Expungements

  • Murder

  • Robbery

  • Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon

  • Assault Family Violence

  • Possession Controlled Substance

  • Intoxication Assault

  • DWI

  • Theft

  • Fraud

  • Assault

  • Evading Arrest

  • MTR

  • Rape

  • Prostitution

  • Embezzlement

  • Terroristic Threat

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